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Explosive Speed Training is a program that was designed to help you achieve agility and speed. If you are a running enthusiast, coach, football player, basketball player, or participate in any sport that requires quick speed and running, this is the program you need to help you achieve a rapid reaction time that will lead to amazing speed as quickly as possible.

The speed training drills included in this program are meant to help develop explosive speed that transforms into better performance during game situations. Your initial thoughts may be somewhat skeptical as to how this program may be beneficial to you. However, the review of this speed training program will help address any concerns you may have.

Explosive Speed Training Review

The point of this training program is not to just help you run faster, but to help you follow a step by step guide for increasing explosive speed and quickness. Just running fast is one thing. Handling a ball, or some type of object while dealing with your opponents during a game, involves a totally different circumstance.  Agility and acceleration are not easy to gain just by simply running more and faster. This is a system that involves your participation in specialized speed and agility training that will help you learn to perform better.

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What Type of Activities Are Involved In this Program?

Here is a list of the diverse speed training exercises and drills that the Explosive Speed Training program teaches participants via videos and other informational materials.

– Acceleration Profile

Using the correct form and posture is generally the easiest and fastest way to increase acceleration. Fundamentally, this phase is one of the first parts of the training process.

– Speed Drills

speed training drills

Speed drills are vital and quite powerful because they increase acceleration and overall speed. Because of the variety of speed drills utilized in this program, there are exercises designed to meet the needs of athletes in any sport.

Speed drills are generally considered to be the key to building endurance. These drills are quick and fast and are intended for you to increase your reaction time in a tense situation.

– Strength Training

In order to stimulate speed and acceleration, power is required and that comes from strong muscles. Furthermore, in order to increase power and muscles, strength training is a prerequisite. Thus, all the exercises, drills, and resistance training included in the program are geared to the appropriate muscles for optimum results in speed and acceleration.

– Plyometrics

Plyometrics is a type of workout that rapidly stretches a muscle and then rapidly shortens it. Hopping and jumping would be examples of this type of exercise. This type of training seems to improve vertical jumping limits, muscle strength and joint protection and thus, would be extremely beneficial to almost all athletes.

– Sprinting Mechanics

Sprinting is actually a series of jumps. To achieve maximum speed and distance during each stride or jump, it is necessary to use the proper sprinting mechanics as well as having the critical strength and power.

What Is Included In The Explosive Speed Training System?

– Speed Training Guide

speed training drills

The main training guide for this program is in the form of an Ebook. It is the sole place for the creator, Kurt Howard, to include all of the material. Kurt has been using this program with the many athletes he has trained and is currently training and is now making this training available to the public.

This is one of the few guides that detail every imaginable aspect to succeeding with speed training. He gives you all the workouts, training, and the special “5 minute core workout” for maximizing your skills. All of the speed training workouts, drills, and plyometrics are outlined in this guide.

– Video program

The videos are probably the most beneficial part of the entire program because these videos showcase the athletes using the correct posture while implementing each exercise and drill. By watching these videos, this should guarantee that each athlete is performing all the training exercises properly.

In addition, by following the program as outlined by Kurt, you should be able to avoid injury as well as ensure positive results.

– Training Logs

These logs are a simple way for you to record your results for each exercise as you move through the program. This is a very helpful resource that allows you to track every aspect of your progress.

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What Are The Pros and Cons Of This Program?

– Combination

The best part of this program is the combination of using a variety for exercises and drills and implementing them into this system. You are not just working out in the gym lifting weights and working on resistance training, but you are also performing plyometric exercises, speed drills, and sprinting movements in the appropriate setting.

You will be amazed at your encouraging results which are primarily due to the programs all-encompassing drills and exercises.

– It Is All Online

This program is conveniently located online, thus, there is no need to buy any additional material. However, you will still need to go to a gym to perform most of the exercises and drills accurately in conjunction with executing other maneuvers in various locations.

Are There Any Cons?

In reality, there really is nothing wrong with this system. It works like a charm as long as you follow the program. There is an extensive amount of hard work involved in this program, but you will now be on a genuine track to becoming a faster and more explosive competitor if you continue to follow the system. You are given an immense amount of information in this speed training guide that will enable you to see positive results in your game speed.

What People Are Saying About This Program!

speed training drills

One comment that is heard most often from the athletes who have used this program is that the workouts are extremely difficult. However, this goes to show that Kurt’s desire was to compile a product that would test the body during the practice sessions. It is amazing to learn how such a powerful system can help the body.

If you want something that works and can enhance your running agility, this is the program for you. Kurt developed this system to help push you to your limits with both speed and agility training and then send you to new game speed limits.  The tricks taught inside are meant to help you move quicker and finally get stronger while gaining more stamina.

In Conclusion

A number of athletes never thought that they would be able to develop such speed along with better performance during game time.

Although this is the kind of book that you necessarily will not find in your bookstore, an increasing number of athletes are praising this program for what it has done for them and their game.

If you are looking to improve your speed performance skills, this may well be your best option.

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